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Open Your Mind to Mindfulness


"A caterpillar must endure a season of isolation

before it turns into a butterfly.  

Embrace the time you have alone,

it will only make you stronger.

Steven Aitchison

During these unsure times,

CALL 410-474-8288

to maintain healthy mind-body balance.


Anxiety & Stress Relief

Anger & Fear Management

Tools for calm, focus, resilience and grit.

Coaching: Individual, Couples, Families

  • Improve image, confidence, and self-acceptance

  • Create new mindsets and behavior patterns

  • Identify your purpose with passion

  • Find focus and clarity for goal setting and prioritizing

  • Learn tools & self-hypnosis to support your change

Mindful Living Training: Individual

Tools and Re-wiring for: 

  • Stress   Anxiety  Mental Grinding   Trauma   Fear

  • Focus   Grit   Peak Performance

  • Self-control   Resilience   Communication

  • Weight Loss, Motivation, Exercise, Productivity

Mindful Living Training: Groups

Tools and Re-wiring for: 

  • Small businesses or large corporations

  • Civic, non-profit, or private organizations

  • Clubs, teams, camps, churches or schools

  • Private Get-2-Gathers

  • 60 minutes -- One or more days


Consider Linda Lee your next speaker!

  • Experienced and Engaging

  • Knowledgeable and Relevant

  • Entertaining and Interactive

  • Conference, Workshop, Event, Get-2-Gathers

Linda Lee delivers Mindful Living with energy and joy.

“ Our life is shaped by our mind,

for we become what we think. ”



Sessions are available on virtual platforms unless arranged.

The online experience does not diminish the efficacy and efficiency of the work.

In fact, many clients prefer the comfort and convenience. 

Envision has provided online services in 10 countries and19 states!

The majority of my clients will never meet me in person.


Tools, Tips and Strategies to relieve stress, anxiety, fear, overwhelming emotions,

and to retrain the brain to focus, self-control, resilience, grit and peace.



Linda Lee Plank-Morgan, BCH, CI

Linda Lee is a Certified Mindful Living Coach, Board Certified Healthcare Support Hypnotist and Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists. 

Linda Lee uses a brain-science approach called neuroplasticity

and her own simple methods to help her clients permanently break-free from old thoughts, feelings, and/or behavioral patterns.

Be free of the influences of the past and the worry of tomorrow

by learning tools and strategies to 


Finally, experience a life of self-acceptance, empowerment, confidence,

boundaries, calm and a sense of true inner happiness.

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