Learn to Meditate "American Style"

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

5 minutes at a time to a calmer more relaxed you!

When you think of meditation I bet you imagine a guy on a mountain top in a kung-fu robe still and completely composed and you say, "I tried that once but it didn't work for me... I couldn't turn off my brain." Who can?!

The American Mind

“I'm an American... I'm used to being over-stimulated and constantly thinking about all I have to do today!”

Eastern cultures are much more in tune to "calming the mind". Their children are taught very early on to sit still in Lotus position and enter into meditative states. Our kids are introduced to electronics by age 2-3! So, while our minds are more active for longer periods of time, we are now seeing the consequences of overstimulation... anxiety, sleep disorders, outbursts... and it's not just the kids~it's the adults too. What a crazy time for us all, right?

Direct the Mind

What if I told you that you can get the same results from meditation without "turning off your mind" by DIRECTING the mind. That's right! We can retrain our brains by simply staying aware of our thoughts... when they begin to wander... gently bring your mind back to the focal point. Will you have to do this MANY times when you first begin... YES, SO WHAT?!!... you are in the process of improving and we don't have to expect miracles the first day. But with repetition you will be amazed how you will keep the mind on whatever you desire so much better in just a week!

Let's start with the WATER DROP MEDITATION!

Go to the TOOLS> Water Drop Meditation

Follow the directions.

You will begin by Inhaling on 4 slow counts into the nose... concentrate on the belly button being pushed OUT on the inhale.

Then exhale for 6 slow counts... pull the belly button in on the exhale.

NOTE: The shoulders should stay down! We tend to breathe high in our chest during anxiety and stress and after awhile we forget how to breathe correctly. Using the diaphragm (the belly button technique guarantees this) we are sending a signal to the brain that "ALL IS GOOD" and the brain instantly begins to balance its own chemistry and anxiety is stopped in its tracks!

Concentrate on the Air exchange, the Belly Button, The Water Drop and you've already begun to meditate!

As the mind begins to wander, yes it's normal, gently bring your focus back on one or more of the above. Soon the mind feels fuzzy, you might feel a bit out of body, like you are drifting... go with it! You can even close your eyes as they become fatigued and continue to visualize the water drop as you breathe, and count, and breathe, and count.

You are already on your way to breaking the habit of anxiety, just 5 minutes at a time!

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